Workouts with a personal
trainer in innovative
fitness club QLAB

In our gym a workout lasts for only 35 minutes,
but the effect you get is the same as after 2 hours
spent in a regular fitness gym.
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Innovative workout
system by Milon

Circuit training program
There are 8 Milon exercise machines in the gym. 6 of them are weight lifting and 2 – cardio machines. The goal is to complete 2 full circles, training all major muscle groups. The sequence of exercise machines is clockwise. Thus, you bypass “traffic jams” and you do not need to stand in line for the machine.
Workout’s high intensity
The workout lasts for only 35 minutes, but due to its high intensity, the load you get is no less than from 2 hours spent in a regular gym.
Weight lifting machines:
1 minute of exercise – 30 seconds of rest
Cardio machines:
4 minutes of exercise – 30 seconds of rest
Individual set up of exercise machines
During the first workout, a trainer will set up each machine individually for you, according to your posture, height, length of arms and legs, muscle strength. All settings are saved on your personal card. Next time you insert the card into a machine, it will “remember” previous configurations.
Full Live monitoring
For the machine to start working, you should insert your personal card into it, which transmits all data in the system. After workout you can evaluate your results, the condition of your body and muscles, see the training schedule and positive trends.
Intimate and confidential atmosphere
When you first come to the regular gym, you may feel awkward. Experienced sportsmen lift big and heavy barbells that just seem to overwhelm you. In QLAB, the load is set on a machine. No one sees how much weight you are lifting. You have absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about.
No need to rearrange “plates” on barbells
There is no longer any need to move these heavy “plates” around, change them on a barbell and lose your time. That is because the load and weight are set electronically on each machine. You will no longer lose your time, nor injure your back.
Clean towels are available on spot
to use on the machines

The first training and diagnostics

Benefits of Milon
fitness equipment

Milon cardio and strength circuit training

Exercise machines have
medical certificate

Any person can come to QLAB, since the exercise machines
are suitable for everyone. If you have a disability
or doctor’s prescription after an injury, you can definitely
undergo rehabilitation on Milon exercise machines.

Wide range of settings

What indicators can be adjusted on exercise machines?
Working pace (exercise speed)Repetition count (impossible to lose count)Range of motion (min. and max. movements)Exercise timeHeart rate monitor is synchronized with an exercise machine

Exercise machines use 2 forces

Load and weight are set electronically in an exercise machine itself. Thanks to the electromagnetic drive, you can set different weights for different phases, as well as emphasize the second phase.For example: you lift 20kg and lower 30kg.Thus, muscles are stressed, which facilitates their active growth. In a classic gym, you lift and lower the same weight, and it is less effective.

Miloncare software

Personal workout profile
Each club member of QLAB has their own personal card, on which all information saves after each completed workout. All data is analyzed and stored in your personal profile at miloncare.com.

What data can be seen?

Muscular balance in the body (each muscle group separately)
Progress on cardio and strength training machines
Statistics of the work done over the month
Training schedule
Monthly body analysis (muscle, protein, fat, salt, water ratios; body index)
Workouts without waiting lines for
people with limited time

Registration on
your first visit

When you arrive at QLAB on the day of your trial workout, a trainer will inquire you in detail about your health condition. It is important for our specialists to know everything about your health condition, in order to successfully reach the desired result as comfortably and effectively as possible.

Full body analysis

The latest generation specialized equipment will carry out analysis of proteins, fats, water and salt in your body. All data is recorded, so later you are able to evaluate your progress and compare results.


After that, your personal trainer will tell you about each exercise machine, about workout methodology, and also will configure exercise machines personally for you. All these settings will be saved on your QLAB card.

The first training and diagnostics

Exercise only 35 minutes
2 times per week

Our specialists are
for a healthy lifestyle

2003 - higher education. Graduate of the Donetsk State Institute of Health, Physical Education and Sports. Specialty: "Physical Rehabilitation Specialist", "Teacher physical education"
2008 - magistracy. Sumy Pedagogical University named after A.S. makarenka, Specialty: "Pedagogy of higher education"
2023 - graduated from the MilonCare GmbH academy
Regularly improves her knowledge at various courses and seminars in Latvia and Europe.
"Never give up, always move forward."
QLAB Specialist
2019 г. - graduated from the Latvian Academy of Sports Pedagogy, qualification - fitness coach.
2019 - graduated from the MilonCare GmbH academy
Regularly improves her knowledge at various courses and seminars in Latvia and Europe.


What is qlab?
Qlab is an advanced, modern and intelligent concept of training. Qlab is a unit of training consisting of two complete laps (full workout 35 minutes) with machines made in germany by milon.
What is milon circle?
The Milon circle is the most innovative fitness training concept in the health and weight loss industry. The circle consists of 6 strength machines and 2 cardio units for a total body workout in under 35 minutes. It is used by over 2 million people across the Europe, although Milon is exclusively available in Baltic region in Riga at QLAB.
How does the milon circle work?
Have ever found it hard to adjust a machine in the gym? Felt like you are not doing an exercise properly or will look silly trying to remember just what the trainer showed you? Then, Milon is the solution! Gone are the days of adjusting machines and resistance, now Milon technology will do it all for you; even count your reps. You will look and train like a pro and get guaranteed results in just 35 minutes.
Which outfit is valid at the club?
Sports attire or shorts for men and adjacent shorts for women. Sports t-shirt, sports shoes for a change. Operation of the club has the right not to admit you to the machine without changing shoes.
Is it required to have a towel?
Good question. It is required to have a towel when you train on the Milon machines. We offer our own QLAB microfiber anti-bacterial towels.
When I train should I drink water?
You should replenish your fluids during training, but during a workout in QLAB drinking water is allowed only during the break between the first and second lap, which is perfect to replenish your electrolyte level.
Who are the trainers?
Those leading masters of physiotherapy is vested with the power coach Milon. Working with people and constant improvement of the health of their clients is their passion - you are in good hands.
How often should I exercise?
Milon suggests the holding of a minimum of six workouts a month or two training sessions every 10 days. The time interval between training sessions is determined individually, depending on the physical possibilities of the practitioner. From a physiological point of view, we rule out the opportunity to train every day, and in many cases even every two days.
How to achieve results in 35 minutes?
The ideal training time in a gym is 40-45 minutes. If you exercise longer (specifically exercise, not just stay in the gym), the training becomes much less effective, as hormones that destroy muscles, grow sharply after 40-45 minutes. Also, short breaks of only 30 seconds affect the total training time. The majority of new clients admit that they did not do such an amount of work in an hour in a classic gym.
How fast will I get the result?
Every case is individual, and will depend on your diet and following through the training plan. Our specialists can create a diet plan to achieve your goals. Do not chase fast results – they disappear as quickly as they come. Instead of using regular weights, we analyze body composition to track exactly how much fat you lose, not muscle mass or water. The speed of fat loss is individual for everyone; on average, subject to all conditions, a loss of 300-500 grams per week is considered normal and does not harm health.
Do I need to warm-up before exercise?
Milon assumes that a person should always be ready to exercise on Milon circle. In individual cases, you can do warm-up on your own in a club, or also for a few minutes bike ride, run etc.
Why can´t you train
every day?
While exercising every day, you do not let your body to recover. A recovery period is calculated individually with a trainer. If it is not observed, there might be no progress. Training is just an initiator of necessary processes, while all the changes occur during recovery.
What are opening hours?
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Tuesday, Thursday,

30 euro

Try yourself in the fitness of the future
  • Body analyser (muscle mass, water level, fat %, etc.)
  • Preparation of a training plan
  • Training with a coach
  • Launching your personal training database
  • Individual set-up of machines
  • Workouts for the whole body

75 euro

Be part of innovative fitness
  • Body analyser (muscle mass, water level, fat %, etc.)
  • Individual training plan for the first three months to a year
  • Training with a coach
  • Personal training database
  • Automated adjustment of exercise loads and amplitude
  • Workouts for the whole body

175 euro

Purchase a three-month card immediately after your first workout without paying 30 15 euro
  • Body analyser (muscle mass, water level, fat %, etc.)
  • Individual training plan for the first three months to a year
  • Training with a coach
  • Personal training database
  • Automated adjustment of exercise loads and amplitude
  • Workouts for the whole body

120 euro

Dont lose a single day
  • Body analyser (muscle mass, water level, fat %, etc.)
  • Individual training plan for the first three months to a year
  • Training with a coach
  • Personal training database
  • Automated adjustment of exercise loads and amplitude
  • Workouts for the whole body

The first training and diagnostics

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