35 minutes to innovate yourself

35 minutes to innovate yourself

35 minutes to innovate yourself

About us

Qlab is Riga's First Fitness centre to use milion's innovative system, and offers you a revolution in fitness training in easy to understand, safe and effective training methods for gym users. Our milon equipment offers a structured workout so that you know exactly how long to spend on each machine, how fast and how far you need to move.

Simple, safe and effective training for people of all ages and fitness levels. Welcome to the future of fitness!


  • Simple to use
  • Safe with milon, you will train like a pro
  • Efective in just 6 sessions you will feel & see the results
  • Efficient faster wieght loss, in less time
  • 35 minutes is all it takes
  • Qlab smart card to track your results
  • 6 Phases over 12 months so you will never get bored

5 reasons to experience QLAB:

  • Exercise just 35 minutes, twice every 10 days
  • Milon coaches on hand to support you
  • Encorages 15 times more fat burning
  • 30% more muscle training in the half of the time
  • Automatic personal settings ensure exercising safely and effectively
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  • Individuāla treniņa programmas sastādīšana
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  • Pieejami tīri QLAB sporta dvieļi
  • 35 minutes to innovate yourself

Frequently asked questions

General questions
  • what is qlab?

    Qlab is an advanced, modern and intelligent concept of training. Qlab is a unit of training consisting of two complete laps (full workout 35 minutes) with machines made in germany by milon.

  • what is milon circle?

    The Milon Circle is the most innovative fitness training concept in the health and weight loss industry. The circle consists of 6 strength machines and 2 cardio units for a total body workout in under 35 minutes. Although Milon is exclusively available at Icon Health Club it used by over 2 million people across Europe.

  • how does the milon circle work?

    Have ever found it hard to adjust a machine in the gym? Felt like you are not doing an exercise properly or will look silly trying to remember just what the trainer showed you? Then, Milon is the solution!  Gone are the days of adjusting machines and resistance, now Milon technology will do it all for you; even count your reps.  You will look and train like a pro and get guaranteed results in just 35 minutes.

  • professional personal trainer is for free, even if i dont need it?

    Yes, correct! Our concept is all about connection, efficiency and safety. So there is personal trainer, who helps you to achieve your goal, and to get the best results for your health&body!

  • why do you want me to weight at the first training?

    Qlab is an advanced, modern and intelligent concept of training. Qlab is a unit of training consisting of two complete laps (full workout 35 minutes) with machines made in germany by milon.

  • what is milonizer?

    MILONIZER is your intelligent assistant. The fastest start into a new training dimension. With its innovative, biometric marker-based scanning system, the milonizer measures the body of each user in a matter of seconds. The system uses a camera to record the position of the joints and then uses that information to calculate all relevant body lengths.Within a few moments, all of the equipment in QLAB is perfectly set up for your body!

  • which outfit is valid at the club?

    Sports attire or shorts for men and adjacent shorts for women. Sports t-shirt, sports shoes for a change. Operation of the club has the right not to admit you to the machine without changing shoes.

  • what if i lose or forget qlab card?

    You will be issued duplicate card.

  • what if the queue to the circle?

    This is a very rare situation. The applicable principle is that a person who comes to the club, takes precedence class machine in front of the person who finishes first district. For the coming 3 people at a time they must agree between themselves that begins. The next two will have to wait respectively one and two minutes to start training. Only after these, the first machine of the second circle, can enter the person completing the first lap.

  • who are the trainers?

    Those leading masters of physiotherapy is vested with the power coach Milon.  Working with people and constant improvement of the health of their clients is their passion - you're in good hands.

milon - training machines
  • can i change the settings used during exercise?

    Yes, but load changes largely rest on the trainers, who set training schedule.

  • how often are modified loan on the machines?

    It is an individual matter, consulted with a trainer. We provide continuous improvement of your loads and training opportunities.

  • is it required to have a lowel or wipe the machine itself?

    Good question. It is required to have a towel when you train on the Milon machines. We offer our own QLAB microfiber anti-bacterial towels for only 9.95 EUR per towel which you can get right in the QLAB studio or buy online! Also we recommend to use disinfectant wipes that are available in the studio before/after you use the machines.

frequency and duration of training
  • how long is the interval between laps?

    The gap between the laps lasts 60 seconds.

  • how often shuold i exercise?

    Milon suggests the holding of a minimum of six workouts a month or two training sessions every 10 days. The time interval between training sessions is determined individually, depending on the physical possibilities of the practitioner. From a physiological point of view, we rule out the opportunity to train every day, and in many cases even every two days.

  • how much time we practice on each machine?

    Power Machines (6 pieces in a circle) - 1 minute Cardio machines (2 pieces in a circle) - 4 minutes

training people
  • how many machines we use for training?

    Although the machines in the Milon circle are 12, you practice only on eight of them.  6 power machines, and two cardio. 12 machines increases the throughput of the circle, so the queue is non-possible.

  • do any of the machines can be avoided?

    Of course. This is done by switching off the machine from circulation. We use this exception only in the case of disease / injury preventing work a lot of muscle.

  • can i train when there is no coach?

    Yes. All your information is stored on the QLAB card. After the card is inserted, the machine automatically will adjust to your parameters, and you can exercise on your own.

  • is introductory training free?

    Yes, you'll have full body screening, MILONIZER will set up for you Milon circle and you'll have full training session which is only 35 minutes !

  • What conditions must satisfy in order to be eligible to exercise?

    Milon training is aimed for ages from 18 to 99!  There are very few contraindications that prevent training.  If you suffer from acute or subacute inflammation, tendon fresh rupture or recent myocardial - we'll have to wait a bit.

  • do i need to warm-up before exercise?

    Milon assumes that a person should always be ready to exercise on Milon circle. In individual cases, you can do warm-up on your own in a club, or also for a few minutes bike ride, run etc.

  • how many times a week should i visit the qlab?

    There are no restrictions on the number of visits. From a physiological point, do not practice every day. In the early phase of training we recommend two to three days off in between workouts. QLAB trainer will suggest you how many times you should visit the QLAB !

  • when i train should i drink water?

    You should replenish your fluids during training, but during a workout in QLAB drinking water is allowed only during the break between the first and second lap, which is perfect to replenish your electrolyte level.

  • can i do more than 2 laps?

    Yes, you can. This is negotiated individually with the trainer, but we recommend to perform two laps in the most efficient manner.


  • Monday-Friday
  • QLAB studio,
    Tomsona iela 30 ("Tomsona terases")
    Riga, Latvia, Lv-1013
  • +371 66163881
  • info@qlab.lv